The School’s research and teaching missions must be underpinned by a faculty of the highest distinction. In an extremely competitive climate of faculty recruitment and retention, SAS must provide the necessary resources to enable its faculty to flourish, including competitive salaries. Such resources must recognize and support faculty in their individual scholarly pursuits in their respective fields, while promoting a dynamic environment in which ideas are shared and knowledge boundaries are crossed among faculty and students here at Penn. The School takes pride in its tradition of faculty loyalty, derived from both its custom of bringing the best junior faculty up through the ranks and of providing an attractive home for recruiting top senior faculty. We must continue to foster this vibrant sense of academic community.


As home to approximately half of Penn’s student body, and with the responsibility to offer liberal arts courses to all Penn undergraduates, the School seeks to provide world-class undergraduate, graduate, and lifelong education in fields across the arts and sciences. SAS is deeply committed to instilling in all of its students the values and principles of the liberal arts. The School is dedicated to providing outstanding educational programs in its core disciplines at all levels, and we are proud of the unique interdisciplinary educational opportunities made possible by our own faculty as well as our proximity to Penn’s professional schools.  Consonant with this intellectual diversity, the School seeks students of the highest caliber from around the world who are diverse in race, gender, and socio-economic background. Consequently, raising funds for financial aid – for undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowship packages – remains a top priority for SAS to ensure that qualified students can matriculate regardless of their ability to pay.